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The Crow's Nest Wildlife
Just a homeowner on College Avenue in Historic Ellicott City trying to do my bit...

Picture of the Moment

There is an amazing abundance of animals in and around Ellicott City, scurrying around in their never ending
quest for sustenance. Check out a few examples below of what I have been lucky enough to get a shot of (with a camera) in my back garden. I have been feeding the local animals since I got here in 2002 and it takes up quite a bit of corn, bread, black sunflower seeds, and gummy bears for the crows, foxes, squirrels and all the animals no one wants; all are welcome here. So, if you'd like to donate something, it is very much appreciated and I'd like to thank you in advance :) I figure if they are in my yard eating everything, they are not in your garden eating your's.

The Lads
The Lads of The Crows Nest (these are the ones above Historic Ellicott City at any given day)

It always saddens me when someone tries to kill a deer in Historic Ellicott City area near College Avenue/New Cut area, as these are the ones I feed and I know them all very well indeed, and their lives are never easy at the best of times. They really all have distinct personalities.

Some injuries are really quite horrific and for me it takes certain type of person to get a "thrill from the kill" at the cost of such a majestic beast. Bow hunting is cruel, bloodthirsty & barbaric, end of. However, it is nothing to do with me how others choose to live their lives. Deer overpopulation & culls? For those that agree, evolution has taken care of this for millions of years before the we turned up & the "cull" was necessary. Nature takes care of itself, always has.

Our job on this planet (in my humble opinion) is to be a custodian/gamekeepers of nature and the sanctity of human life, but alas, look how we have neglected intelligent species such as the elephant, dolphin, whale, and many others, in our eternal quest for destruction/domination and look at what we do to each other. People who buy ivory? I ask you to understand and educate yourself on why it is not a positive thing in our society anymore and more of a stigma than anything else; get rid of it like our Royals have promised and help preserve our heritage.

Ok, so I have said my bit on what makes me tick, I definitely do not judge other's please give me the same respect. I am a simple person, but my love nature is more than most, does that make me weird? In my world absolutely not ;)

The The Crow's Nest Wildlife Gallery 2015

February 2015

January 6, 2015

A unfamiliar female deer with what looks to be a paralyzed or broken front right leg below the knee, making getting around orkward to say the least. These creatures have a hard life. Update Feb 16 she is much stronger and putting pressure on her leg :)

January 2, 2015
Noticed one of the female deer with her hind foot seems to be broken, bone is visible and it has swollen badly, like her flesh was caught on a fence and ripped or shot by an arrow, at least I can keep her fed to keep her strength up and hopefully she can recover, this is heartbreaking as her behavior has completely changed, inevitably life goes on.

January 1, 2015
An unexpected visit from the vulture that has been hanging around on and off all summer. Poor little blighter was shivering profusely and ravenous, but got a belly full, so it must be cold and I wonder if they migrate somewhere.

The The Crow's Nest Wildlife Gallery 2014

| The Crows Nest Wildlife Gallery 2014 |

December 1
I noticed Brokenfoot had been missing since Monday or Tuesday of the week of thanksgiving, I had a gut feeling a local hunter in the vicinity of College Avenue & New Cut has probably shot her with an arrow. I had known this deer since she was one month old and I am totally gutted, she was quite a character and will be missed tremendously. The baby she left behind just wonders around on its own allot, hanging around with The Lady and Funny Face, obviously traumatized.

Pictures of when she was shot in 2012

Brokenfoot is like a daughter to me, starange to say but I couldn't care less what people think!



Part 2
I think there are thee baby rabbits hanging around the front garden and the humming bird showed up

Part 1

May 30 - Birds just hanging out with their young

May 28, 2014
- Took a video of the morning feed for the ducks, deer & fox...

April 2004
April 21, 2014 - Saw my first bumblebee of the season, been seeing more of these guys in the last 2 years.
April 20, 2014 - Saw my first Chipmunk, unfortunately I haven't seen Stumpy for a while.

March 2004

Mr Fox

March 9, 2014 - Well this little chappie I first saw in September 2012 and he was in a very poor state with mange, there was no fur left on his body except behind his head there was a little tuft, poor bugger was very emaciated (I was feeling very creative and named him Mr Fox, the other fox who lived here was called broken foot and she was a delightful young lady, when a wild animal trusts you, its a special thing to me). ;

I went to get my weekly feed for the animals, when I spoke to John at the Farm & Home Services who advised me to try a horse parasite treatment - cheers John! Looks very healthy and happy chappie today thanks to your advice mate. Thanks to Tom for always carrying out my corn and sunflower seeds to my car and humoring me.

I did not see any grackle birds today, however the starlings are still here, only a wee bunch of 25 to 30 odd but have been here for quite some time now (they love dry cat food, meow mix believe it or not), I guess the grackle birds have moved on, glad I could have helped out for a while and I figure they should be strong for their impending journey...
Ducks turned up at dusk stuffing corn amongst the deer during their evening feed :)

* * *

March 5, Bird of prey found dead outside the front of the house, I have a rough idea what happen.
Was buried in the front of the garden with the other birds, sorry buddy :(

March 2&3, 2014 - Ducks turned up today with just a small hole in the frozen pond, they were rather hungry and
stuffed themselves silly before trying to claim the pond "hole/opening" for themselves. 2 Male Mallards & 2 females. The last week we have had hundreds of grackle birds and starlings that have been singing lovely songs to each other, whilst raiding the food supplies (cracked corn, bread & black oiled sunflower seeds) on the deck. Every wild animal is welcome at The Crows Nest, grackles, squirrels, bugs & insects groundhogs, chipmunks the lot.
* * *
February 2014

Wee Man Brokenfoot Big Man broken hind foot Big Man with broken rear leg

Noticed a small deer that I haven't seen for quite some time has a arrow wound on its back from another hunter that cannot shoot well, inflicting cruel suffering on an animal. Also noticed one of the stags "Big Man" seems to have broken his hind foot, this after he was shot by a hunter afew months back, leaving a gaping wound, poor guy, being persecuted and terrorized by humans and now this, poor sod.
* * *

The ducks turned up today 5th February, even though the pond is still frozen. Looks like two guys and a young lady.
* * *
January 2014

I first noticed this deer in October or November of 2013 and it was very reluctant to cross the road so I began throwing bread over the road to her whilst her male chaperone stood guard, he never ate just watched over her. My my she really loves bread, just as much as the Old Girl used to! I have no idea what is wrong with her face but the imagination flies.

The Crow's Nest Wildlife Gallery 2013
| Main Gallery |

Little Person - Summer 2013 - December 14, 2013

Little Person - Summer 2013 - December 14, 2013
I never took any pictures because you were so special to me my little friend... a large piece of me died today but life goes on, poor little bugger.

Please make your selection by clicking on one of the thumbnail below to view a much larger picture of that particular image

The Crow's Nest Wildlife Gallery 2012
| Main Gallery |

Brokenfoot is like a daughter to me, starange to say but I couldn't care less what people think! Brokenfoot Little Man Little Man

Broken foot (ahhh Broken foot my favorite deer except from Shorty & The Old Girl) & Wee Man were shot by an arrow which left a horrific back wound, I think I was more stressed than them, but I doubt it! Thankfully they survived and healed.

Please make your selection by clicking on one of the thumbnail below to view a much larger picture of that particular image
Baby (the nutter)Got Real Close to this guy
Got Real Close to this guyGot Real Close to this guy

The Crow's Nest Wildlife Gallery 2011
| Main Gallery |

Broken Tail - The Old Girls daughter

Please make your selection by clicking on one of the thumbnail below to view a much larger picture of that particular image

The Crow's Nest Wildlife 2010

The Old Girl - a very large piece of me died, was very very very close to this deer - makes me well up on a dime
The Old Girl - Devasted me when he didn't come by anymore

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