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Freestate Tree Service & Snow Removal

Ellicott City, MD 21043
Tel: 443.864.3134

Freestate Tree Service

Freestate Tree Service is a licensed and insured comprehensive tree service based out of Howard County, Maryland. Family owned and operated, Freestate is proud to offer you their services in preserving the health and beauty of your trees. Whether it's a removal or just a routine pruning, Freestate Tree Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tree Care, Safety & Damage Control

Pruning and Thinning
Pruning is an essential key aspect of maintaining your trees and preserving their value to your property. Proper pruning reduces hazards by removing deadwood and structurally weak limbs. Appropriate thinning reduces damage from wind and storms and ice while also making the tree look good.

Root Collar Excavations
Root collar excavation is a healthy practice for trees. It involves removing the soil from the base of the tree so the "flare" of the trunk is visible. This helps to prevent girdling roots which prevent the tree from growing in girth and potentially harming the tree.

Lightning Protection
As some species of trees mature to their full size, they can become susceptible to damage by lightning strikes. This is frequently fatal to the tree and can cause extensive damage to the property.
A properly installed lightning protection system can greatly reduce this risk, while the cost of doing so is significantly lower by scheduling the installation with routine pruning operations.

Many trees benefit from having large leaders, or structurally weak limbs, supported by the installation of support cables. Installed properly by skilled and well trained arborists, cables greatly reduce the risk of storm damage and the associated hazard to property and property owner.

Unfortunately, there are times when trees need to be removed, whether as the result of a storm, construction or normal death due to age.
Freestate Tree Service is well equipped to remove trees safely and efficiently. We have the experience and knowledge to complete the job right.

Stump Removal
Where stumps are accessible to equipment, they can be safely removed below grade and at times far enough to allow the planting of a replacement tree. .

Lot Clearing and Underbrush
Sometimes specimen trees can be given more room to grow by simply thinning out a section of undesirable trees. If you need a large area of underbrush cleared, we can do that too.

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