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Who's Behind the Scenes of EllicottCity.net ?
In 2004, when the concept was put into reality, EllicottCity.net was born with about 30 pages. Since then, the site has grown into a site with over 7,500 pages dedicated to our local area and thus, making this town more accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

I am just a simple bloke from London England, well, South East London to be exact, not too far from Greenwich, where time is run. Originally Born in Tripoli Libya (British Citizen 1969 - the old man used to work for an American Oil Firm) and living in England, Austria (my Mother is from there), Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Oman and having visited Turkey (the old trouble & strife is from there), Holland, Malta, Scotland (Rannoch School, although I was not the brightest spark on the block), Ireland, Iceland, Aruba, St Maartin (click here for gallery), Germany and France, which has given me exposure to a wide diversity of cultures, of which I feel very lucky and makes me who I am today. This truly is a great place to live or visit; the town is very quaint and reminds me of being back in Blighty. The seasons in Maryland are spectacular and I have a few galleries dedicated to the local area.

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Our 10 Year Anniversary 2015

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Reyes Jewelry Exchange, Cash for Gold

I am not a corporation or anything like that, just a bloke trying to do my part for the town, with no local financial support from government or anything like that; so donations are seriously appreciated.

Favorite Sports/Shows
My favorite sport is Formula 1 not football, well, the FA Cup and World Cup are an obvious must. Survivor being one of my favorite shows.

Used to love this as a kid, watch your eyes though: more

Kipp's Ellicott City Graphic Arts?

I have now been serving the local community since 2005, creating www.ellicottcity.net and other websites' for local businesses. Graphic Design - Print Media (brochures, business cards, DVD's) - Web Design - Web Hosting - Photography

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| Kiplinger | New York Times Travel | Washington Post Article on the best six places to visit | The View Newspaper |
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Are you thinking of Visiting Austria?
Stay on the Weissensee


Guesthouse on the Weissensee
Guesthouse on the Weissensee
Guesthouse on the Weissensee
Guesthouse on the Weissensee
Guesthouse on the Weissensee

| http://www.gasthofweissensee.at/ | Facebook |

We like to spoil our guests with a rich breakfast buffet; Half board with choice of menu in the evening; a fresh salad buffet; gala dinner; Rooms are equipped with bath, shower, toilet, TV and balcony. The family apartments have bathroom, separated toilets, TV, telephone, balcony and a kitchenette. Please mention Jeremy (a Steiner), sent you.
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