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EllicottCity.net brings you the best of Ellicott City Maryland

Ellicott City, MD
- EllicottCity.net, brings you a local's take on Historic Ellicott City, MD, and the surrounding area, featuring galleries of wonderful Antique & Specialty Shops, Restaurants, and Cafe's brought to you by Ellicott City Graphic Arts since 2005. Check out Main Street Oriental Rugs for a discount on rug cleaning & Discoveries for Precious Gemstones, Fantasy Gifts & Fine Jewelry. If you wish to taste what our town has to offer, consider Portallis Italian Restaurant for delicious cuisine, deserts & fine wine.

Historic Ellicott City Attractions

Farm Heritage Museum
The Wayside Inn B & B
West Friendship
Howard County Farm Heritage Museum
Howard County is a 253 square mile community
located in Central Maryland. We have a population of
approximately 250,000. Rolling hills/farmland. more
Lower Main Street
Prom Dresses & Clothing
Vast array of Maryland's most unique, stunning and funky
specialty/Prom Dresses & clothing. With a large selection
semi precious stones and glassware. more
Ellicott City, MD
with over 200 years of history
The Wayside Inn Bed and Breakfast
The Wayside Inn is an Ellicott City bed and breakfast near Baltimore, Annapolis, and Washington DC. 200 years of history. more

Bare Bones Grill and Brewery - drop in for a happy hour beverage or try our award winning delicious ribs

Solano Pizzeria - Overstuffed Subs & Sandwiches, Brick Oven Delicious Pizzaand we deliver to your door

Professional Vision - Provides quality vision solutions and customer service

Sea King Seafood - Markets offers the bounty of the Chesapeake Bay

Joan Eve
Out of Our Past Antiques
Ellicott Mills Brewery
Joan Eve
Joan Eve has been located in Historic Ellicott City
since 1996. Located in Middle Main Street. more
Out of Our Past Antiques
Out of Our Past Antiques is located in the heart of old
Ellicott City at 8111 Main Street. Quality furniture. more
Ellicott Mills Brewery
Here at the Mills we have a very simple, yet
demanding approach to Alpenhof beer. more

The ClayGround Studio
Forget Me Not Factory
Envy Salon
The ClayGround Studio & Gallery
The ClayGround Studio & Gallery is a combination art
studio and retail gallery serving clients in EC. more
Forget Me Not Factory
With 3 floors offering whimsical, unique collectibles in an
enchanting way. Ellicott City's Bubbleman. more
Envy Salon
Envy Salon is located in charming historic Ellicott
City. Landmark on the historic registry. more

The Enchanted Forest
River House Pizza
Farm and Home Service
The Enchanted Forest
Dedicated to the Enchanted Forest, with picture galleries, clippings. Submit a gallery to share. more
River House Pizza
The River House Pizza Company make fresh pizza right in
front of you and serves delicious Baileys icecream. more
Farm and Home Service
Farm and Home Service has everything you could
need for your lawn, garden and farm with 3. more

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Italian Restaurant
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Heritage Museum
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The Wayside Inn Bed and Breakfast

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